With proper care, there is no reason why your Hyundai cannot last for well over a decade, providing you and your family with many years of reliable transportation. Having the vehicle serviced from time to time keeps the parts and components in prime working condition; this is why you will want to take advantage of the work that the certified Hyundai technicians perform at Fitzgerald's Gaithersburg Hyundai. You will find our Hyundai service center on-site at our Gaithersburg, MD dealership and less than 40 minutes outside of Washington DC.

Service Special Make Maintenance Even More Affordable

We know that you are on a budget, so Fitzgerald's Gaithersburg Hyundai is pleased to offer regular service specials that Hyundai owners can take advantage of, whether you live in nearby Gaithersburg or out in Alexandria, VA. We also offer great discounts on repairs and certified Hyundai parts from time to time. You will want to check with us when you need a repair and see what specials we currently have available.

Check Out Available Specials for Routine Maintenance

Fitzgerald's Gaithersburg Hyundai often has a special running for the major service appointments that come due for every Hyundai. It is important that Arlington, VA customers schedule these service calls in advance so that you do not forget. While your vehicle might be performing great for you right now, it is still important to do regular maintenance to keep it that here. Here are some guidelines that you should follow when taking care of your Hyundai:

  • Have the oil changed with each major service performed
  • The engine air and cabin air filters should be completely replaced every time you drive 12,000 miles
  • Have a technician rotate and align your tires about every 6,000 miles
  • Make sure you have the battery tested with each service visit as well

Contact Fitzgerald's Gaithersburg Hyundai today to schedule the next service for your Hyundai and to take advantage of our current service coupons in Gaithersburg, MD. You will find us less than a 50-minute drive outside Baltimore, MD. See you soon!